Kool Cats Educational Performance/Presentations



Zero Mountain Educational Series



The Kool Cats will present exciting and educational performance/presentations to 4th grade students at all Fort Smith Public Elementary Schools and area private schools each year.

This new ensemble lead by Don Bailey will feature saxophone, electronic keyboard, string bass and drums.  Schools visits will teach through performance and student/ensemble interaction, the history of Jazz, Jazz as an American music tradition, how Jazz works, what is improvisation and how it works and much more.

Students will learn to “scat sing” and create their own improvisations. With this new ensemble, the Fort Smith Symphony presents educational programs for students in grades three through six.

Jazz in the schools via a symphony orchestra, very hip! Thank you, Dream Alliance!

Kool Cats: Don Bailey, saxophone; Terri Bailey, Piano;
Brandon Patterson, bass; Bruce Fowler, drums

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